Alikay Baby Sapphire Detangling Leave In Conditioner 8oz

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Make brushing your baby’s hair a breeze with Alikay Naturals Baby Detangling Leave In Conditioner. It softens your baby’s hair while making it easier to detangle. This special formula helps to remove knots easily and makes styling less painful. It is lightly scented with calming lavender. Perfect for daily use on baby's hair and works best paired with Alikay Naturals Baby Curling Jelly and P.U.R.E. Baby Butter.



Spray onto hair or spray into your hand and work product into baby’s hair. Use a baby wide tooth hair comb to brush away knots gently.



Be patient and take your time while detangling baby's hair, little ones are super sensitive.

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Brand Alikay Naturals
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