No More Flakes is a light, petroleum-free and mineral-oil free balm infused with Horsetail, Nettle, Garlic and Kola Nut. This mélange of herbs rich in sulfur and amino acids, stimulate natural moisture production. Therapeutic herbs soothe scalp irritation while arresting the flakes. Herbal extracts and healing essential fatty acids lubricate dry scalp tissue while exfoliating dead skin to reveal healthy, new scalp. "No More Flakes" instantly replenishes the natural moisture balance to the scalp to make hair manageable while adding a healthy shine. An ideal grease-free hair dress for all hair types and textures.


Horsetail: Binds to fragile scalp tissues and hair to strengthen. Aids in preventing dead skin build-up Kola Nut: Gently stimulates and regulates the scalp's natural ability to moisturize.


Part hair into sections and apply a dime-sized amount of "No More Flakes" into scalp and massage with fingertips until absorbed into scalp. Gently Massage to activate herbs and insure full absorption. For best

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Brand ORS
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